Uwarrie Chair Chair Finishes

Uwharrie Chair outdoor furniture is handcrafted from environmentally safe (CA), kiln-dried pressure-treated, inch-thick, southern yellow pine to ensure enduring comfort and class. Many styles are available with choice of color selections from the Uwharrie color palette. Paints are latex enamel, and the finish is lightly distressed to simulate an antique, weathered appearance. Stainless steel hardware is used that resists rust and corrosion. Each piece of furniture comes with a lifetime Uwharrie warranty against rot, water damage, or insect infestation. Outdoor cushions also available. Made in USA!

Each color is available as distressed solid or wash.

000 Natural

013 White

Hunter Green

020 Lime

021 Forest Green

022 Island Green

022 Mint Green

025 Apple Green

026 B.T. Aqua

041 Caribbean Blue

030 B.T. Blue

031 Twilight Blue

039 New England Red

041 Rustic Red

042 Tractor Red

043 Persimmon

044 B.T. Mauve

045 Tangerine

046 Flamingo

047 Coral Red

071 Butter

072 Sunshine Yellow

074 B.T. Gold

075 Golden Mustard

081 Olive Gray

082 Coffee

090 Blackwash